‘I can’t breath’ he said; ‘I can’t breathe’ we remembered; ‘I can’t breath’ we rose.


This is a collection of thoughts, ideas and opinions based on a post-pandemic world where social norms are shifting, political powers are diluting our freedom and tomorrow is blurred in uncertaintity.

Through a left-centric lens we explore this new-now, to navigate the evolving landscape and its deeper implications.



Published 04th June 2020

RIP George Floyd

Published 28th May 2020

A drive to Durham, throws the Government under the bus and enrages the public while we're trying to drive down the transmission. We breakdown the storm surrounding this political car crash.

 Published April 12th 2020

This Easter we question the state of race in the midsts of an indiscriminate pandemic

Herd-Immunity vs Coronavirus

Published 02nd April 2020

We re-evaluate the values of Herd Immunity and imagine the impact it could have with the right leadership and strategy

Published March 20th 2020

Could this be the perfect opportunity to combat COVID-19? We build on self-immunisation and how it could be the game-changer we desperately need.

Intentional infection as a weapon against COVID-19

Published March 13th 2020

We explore 'self-immunisation' as a way of fighting the pandemic. Given the current state of play, is there a case for it?



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