25th May 2020, Minneapolis USA.

‘I can’t breathe’ he whispered as his tomorrows drowned in fresh air.

‘I can’t breathe’ he murmured, his neck surpressed with authority.

'I can't breathe' he told us, on that pavement, and they politely told them.

‘I can’t breathe’ he reminded them, through the backdrop of flashing lights.

‘I can’t breathe’ her soul cried, when she heard her son's light was no more.

‘I can’t breathe’ a sentence tattooed through endless timeless tears.

‘I can’t breathe’ choked a Nation, as they watched him die in HD.

‘I can’t breathe’ the eulogy of a colour we’ve heard scream too many times.

'I can't breathe' enraged the pen, which carved it's content into stone.

'I can't breathe' gathered storms to flood that pavement with black roses.

‘I can’t breath’ he said; ‘I can’t breathe’ we remembered; ‘I can’t breath’ we rose.

In memory of George Floyd



©2020 by Thomas Mannah

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